Radical Body Transformation EP 22: Tribute to Jim Morris



This moving must see tribute to bodybuilding promoter Jim Morris includes a powerful interview with him and Yolanda Rosato as well as montage of his life in light of his recent passing. Jim started as a bodybuilder and then ended up co promoting the Toronto Pro Show with Ron Hache. In his last interview we discuss his life in reflection knowing he was losing a fight with cancer. Also in this episode we follow Laura Sturge Kendall (interviewed by Heather Leblanc) as she competes in figure in her native maritimes at nationals after an amazing weight loss transformation. Likewise, fitness competitors Ashley Strickland makes it to provincial stage after she’s inspired to undergo an inspiring transformation with the support of her husband Mike.

Director/Producer/Host – James Hergott
Guest Host – Heather LeBlanc
Director of Photography – Omran Omaid, Adrian D’Alessandro, Jamie Comeau
Editor – Omran Omaid
Executive Producer – James Hergott

Jim Morris
Yolanda Rosato
Ashley Strickland
Laura Sturge Kendall

Ron Hache
Jim Morris
Georgina Dunnington
Heather LeBlanc
TI-Jean LeBlanc

Distributed by NPC News Online

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