NPC President Jim Manion and Gary Udit discuss the 2020 NPC National Championships


NPC President Jim Manion and @garyudit discuss the 2020 NPC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS moving to Orlando, Florida. Same dates, November 19-21. . The @npcnationals is considered the Crown Jewel of the National Physique Committee. Due to restrictions in Dade County (Miami), the need to relocate the contest was imperative. In light of that, it should also be noted the contest is now under the promotion and direction of the NPC National Office. . This is an #ifbbproleagueproqualifer where the Top 2 in every division, except Women’s Bodybuilding, qualify for the IFBB Professional League @ifbb_pro_league . The class winners only for Women’s Bodybuilding qualify. . Please be sure to tag us on Instagram @npcnationals Registration is now open and find more information at our new website, Also continue to follow for the most up to date information on the 2020 NPC National Championships and all other contests! @npcnewsonlineofficialpage @npcnewstv @npcfitbody @npcworldwideofficial @ifbb_pro_league @frank_sepe @t_manion @garyudit @aroundthenpc_jm @npcfloridaofficialpage #npcbodybuilding #npcfitness #npcmensphysique #npcclassicphysique #npcwomensphysique #npcfigure #npcbikini #npcwellness #npcnationals #npcnationalchampionships #nationalphysiquecommittee