NPC Athlete Spotlight: NPC Figure Competitor Alexia Perimony

NPC ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: NPC Figure Competitor Alexia Perimony





Height : 5’6
Contest weight : 130 lbs
Off-Season weight : 140-145 lbs
Competition History :
Atlantic States 2015 : 5th place Class Open C, Figure
Garden States 2015 : 1st place Class Open C Figure, and Overall winner.

Favorite workout : Legs
Favorite healthy meal : Oats and egg whites
Favorite cheat meal :  Any type of pasta.
Occupation : Literary agent specialized in the exportation of American plays into European market, translator.


 Alexia Perimony 

As far as I can remember I’ve always been involved in sports.  As a kid I used to run tracks with my grand father who was a marathonian in Belgium. I then switched to boxing as a teenager and then to power lifting, which is when I started working out in order to maximize my performances. Almost right away my interest in overall lifting overtook  my interest in power lifting. I found the capacity of the body to change and shaped itself according to how you workout as something trully amazing and unique to bodybuilding. And then I also found out about all the other components such as diet, supplements etc and I realized this was something I really loved and would keep doing for a long time. My career was taking off so my plan to compete was put on hold but this passion for bodybuilding was always a very important part of my life and grew with me. As my body evolved and got stronger, so did my mind and my mental and I’m pretty sure half of what I overcame or made happen in my life is due to me living this lifestyle. I believe in the incredible capacity of bodybuilding to make you not only a stronger but a wiser and happier person if you do it with your heart and with passion. Throughout the years I built a mind that built muscles and I built muscles that strenghtened my mind. This circle never stopped until I competed for the very first time this past Saturday june 6th 2015 at the Atlantic States in New York where I placed top 5, making me nationally qualified in the Figure division.  I consider myself an athlete because of the work and discipline I put into it each and every single day, but also because I always address to people about the sport trying to open up minds and be a good representative of it regardless of judgments. I don’t make a separation between physical performances, wise mind and good heart, and to me being an athlete is being always willing to work with those three things and improve them.


I have many inspirations or role models : Bruce Lee, who is to me one of the greatest athletes of all times, and represents what I explained below :  he studied drama and philosphy and was an extremely wise man. He believed that any knowledge ultimately leads to self-knowledge.  Serge Reding was a Belgian weightlifter from the sixties/seventies that also inspired me a lot. He stayed very loyal to his little hometwon in Belgium where my grand parents are from, and always showed great love to the people there. He was very humble and loyal and those are two qualities I believe are extremely important in sport, and in life in general : being loyal to your commitments  whatever they are, and humble no matter what. Finally, Eve Ensler is an activist and a playwright that I hugely admire for she has been and is dedicating her entire life to help women in need. From day one she used her success to give back and to me giving back is crucial in life.


My goal short term, is to keep improving my body through constant hard work and proper diet, and to keep competing in the NPC bringing an improved package each show I will pick. I believe in brining something different and improved when going into a show.  Long term, I want to earn the pro status and be a spoke person for this sport in the IFBB and NPC , use this status and the recognition it gives, to give back to other people what bodybuilding gave to me, and by that I mean a strong mental, a determination to make plans and make them happen step by step, a healthy life, and so much more I wouldn’t have overcome if it wasn’t for this sport. This sport literally changed my life and it can change a lot of lives if you talk to people and introduce it the right way and always make sure you are doing your best to give a good image of it.  Not everyone will want to become an athlete but everyone can use bodybuilding in a way or another in life when it comes to overcome adversity, and this is why this sport is beautiful too, because it can reach a huge amount of people.  Thanks to my family’s background I also speak French, Italian and Spanish and I always like to say I now speak bodybuilding because I consider it something that always needs to be explained to people correctly, and I know a lot of people are willing to learn, I can see already after having done only 2 shows the amount of attention, interest and questions I’m getting in social medias or randomly in the street, and I want to use this momentum correctly to give back and educate people while belonging to the unique bodybyuiding league I trust, the NPC/IFBB.