NPC News Olympia Central: Men’s Physique – Who’s It Going Be?

NPC News Olympia Central: Men’s Physique – Who’s It Going Be?

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NPC News Online: Olympia Central
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The Men’s Physique Division has made its way into the most prestigious stages of the fitness world – the Olympia. By Amanda Eva
The newer division has drawn an incredible number of competitors in both amateur and professional levels and now that the standards have been defined, we have a whole new breed of athletes making their way up the ranks within the NPC and IFBB.
Each and every single one of these competitors brings in a unique look to the stage – symmetry, muscle tone, vascularity, leanness, and aesthetics. They all have their own style and poise on stage to showcase their fantastic physiques.
The competitors in the Men’s Physique division may have made their way to the Olympia stage by winning a show or by accumulating points, but either way, one thing is clear:  they are coming to Vegas to win it all and walk away victorious as the first ever Men’s Physique Olympia champion.
Who do you think will be the ultimate face of the Men’s Physique Division?
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Here’s the full list of competitors:
Matthew Acton

Michael Anderson

Tyler Anderson

Anton Antipov

Jeremy Buendia

Alexander Carneiro

Matt Christianer

Stephen Cook

Sadik Hadzovic

Stephen Mass

John Nguyen

Jason Poston

Jeff Seid

William Sullivan

Mark Anthony Wingston

Tory Woodward