NPC ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Women’s Physique Competitor Julianne Trebing

Today’s NPC Athlete Spotlight is NPC  Women’s Physique Competitor Julianne Trebing


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Julianne Trebing: 

I work as a gymnastics coach for recreational classes and competitive gymnastics. I’m 23, my boyfriend is also competing in nationals as a middleweight bodybuilder, John Durante. My Instagram is Juliannegoespro , my athlete page is , and I do have a small website I put together a while back called Working with Shelby Starnes & Kenny Wallach for this prep. I Won the overall at southern states in women’s physique in July this year… Photos and videos are Courtesy of Julianne Trebing  

[youtube video=ZC_hjKwTn-s]

[youtube video=e9_QpjdFjnM]

[youtube video=ZFmEQ16TMQ0]