Today’s NPC Athlete Spotlight is Adrian Arroyo NPC Bodybuilding Competitor

13 yrs of training!

First competed as a senior in high school. Throughout the years I found a passion in bodybuilding. The discipline, determination and dedication required to be the best you can be. I found that through bodybuilding I can achieve anything I set my mind to. To see the transformation take form leading to the end results is one of the most satisfying things anybody can ever experience. I may not always finish on top but as a piece of mind knowing I have gave it my all and added even the most smallest detail or gain I have already won. I carry this same mind set in my daily life and give advice to motivate those who want to hear it.

1st pic Contra Costa bodybuilding- 3rd place finish

2nd pic San Diego State championships- 2nd place finish

3rd pic Tahoe Show – 1st place finish

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