NPC Nationals Pro Card Winner Pro Profiles: Men’s & Women’s Physique

Twenty competitors in Men’s and Women’s Physique earned IFBB Pro cards at the NPC Nationals on November 9-10 in Atlanta, Georgia. Check out all the profiles below, plus comments from judges Steve Weinberger (on Men’s Physique) and Lee Thompson (Women’s Physique).

(Note: Full profile information is not provided in cases where competitors did not respond to inquiries)

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VINCENT FIORE – Overall and Class A Winner
Age 24
Height 5’6 1/2
Weight 163
Contest History/Highlights Bev Francis Atlantic States 2nd Class A; Team Universe 3rd Class A; USA Championships 5th Class A
Judge’s Comments A good-looking kid with nice shape. He’ll need more size in the pros because he’s one of the smaller guys. He’ll need a little more cap on his delts and a little more width on his back, but he has real good shape and skin tone.”




STEVEN MASS – 2nd Class A
Age 27
Height 5’6
Weight 160
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Lone Star Classic 5th; Europa Super Show 3rd Class A
Judge’s Comments “Very good conditioning, a very good overall look. Needs to work on his presentation and posing – he looks a little too tight, he could loosen up a little bit. On his back pose, he could let his back hang out a little more and that would show more of that v-taper.”




SEAN HARLEY – Class B Winner
Age 33
Height 5’8 1/2
Weight 180
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Arnold Amateur Class B DNP; Championships Class C DNP; Midwest Championships 2nd Class B
Judge’s Comments “Great shape, really good conditioning. He has to watch it – he’s right one the line of being almost a bodybuilder from the front. He can’t put on any more muscle.”




LUKE BOEHM – 2nd Class B
Age 24
Height 5’9
Weight 166
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Pittsburgh Championships 1st Class B and Overall; North Americans 4th Class A
Judge’s Comments “Has a real nice look, especially from the front. From the back he could use a little more v-taper. He’s not opening up – he needs to roll his shoulders back and open up.”




KEN RAWLINS – 2nd Class B
Age 28
Height 5’8 1/4
Weight 165
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Junior USAs 3rd Class B; Junior Nationals 5th Class B; 2011: Western Regional 2nd Class B
Judge’s Comments “He’s very good. He has enough size and stands very well. Could work on his calves a little bit. An excellent physique.”




COREY HAMMAC – Class C Winner
Age 26
Height 5’9
Weight 179
Contest History/Highlights 2012: GNC Classic Indiana 1st Class A; Kentucky State Championships 1st Class A and Overall; Kentucky Muscle Classic 1st Class A
Judge’s Comments “A good-looking kid with nice shape. Another one who could present his back a little better. A lot of these guys aren’t opening up their backs by rolling their shoulders back. Stands a little too tight, another one that could work on his presentation and loosen up a little bit.”




Age 27
Height 5’11
Weight 193-195
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Junior Nationals 4th Class D; Greater Gulf States Class C and Overall Winner; USA Championships 4th Class E; 2011: New Orleans Championships Class C and Overall Winner; Europa Super Show 2nd Class C; Nationals 6th Class C
Judge’s Comments “He’s excellent – a real good overall look and nice shape. You can see why he won. He was one of the better ones from the back.”




Age 25
Height 5’10 1/2
Weight 195
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Steward Fitness Championships 1st Class and Overall
Judge’s CommentsC “Very good upper body development. He’s pinching in his back when he poses, he needs to open it up and let out a little bit. Trunks are a little oversized, a little too baggy.”




IAN LAUER – 2nd Class E
Age 34
Height 6′
Weight 194
Contest History/Highlights 2012: North Americans 2nd Class C; USA Championships 6th Class E; Los Angeles Championships 5th Class E; Team Universe 16th Class; Pittsburgh Championships 8th Class;
2011: Nationals 14th Class C; North Americans 10th Class C; USA Championships 16th Class C; West Coast Classic 4th Class B; Championships 11th Class C
Judge’s Comments “Good conditioning, Looks good from the side. Once again, another one of the guys who could pose his back a little better, opening his back up would help tremendously.”




Age 33
Height 6’1
Weight 180
Contest History/Highlights 2012: San Francisco Championships 1st Class D and Overall
Judge’s Comments “He’s right on the border of being too muscular, especially the delts and arms. He’s a little narrow so he could use a little more width, but he has a small waist so it’s not that glaring.”





COLIN WASIAK – Class E Winner
Judge’s Comments “Looks good from the back – from the front, he could bring his chest up. His chest looks a little flat, I would like to see a little more fullness. Overall he’s very close to the border as far as being too muscular.”







RUSSEL WAHEED – Class F Winner
Judge’s Comments “He’s got to watch it as far as his level of muscularity, he’s close to being a bodybuilder. His shoulders and arms could come down a little bit. From the back, he could be tighter and that could take care of his size problem. Overall, a nice look with great shape”







TONI WEST – Overall and Class C Winner
Age 33
Height 5’5
Weight 130
Contest History/Highlights 2012 NPC Elite Physique 3rd Class; 2009: Natural Lakewood Bodybuilding 1st Heavyweight and Overall; Pittsburgh Championships Bodybuilding 2nd Middleweight; 2008: Pittsburgh Championships Bodybuilding 4th Middleweight; 2007: Pennsylvania Championships Figure 3rd Tall Class
Judge’s Comments “Toni is a very complete package with great symmetry, balance and muscularity all while maintaining a feminine look. Look for her to make an immediate impact on the pro stage.”



Age 22
Height 5’0
Weight 118
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Southern USA Championships 2nd; Mid Florida Open 1st Class and Overall; Southern States 2nd Class; 2011: Sunshine Classic Figure 1st Class; Nationals Figure 14th Class; 2010: All South Championships Figure 1st Class and 1st Novice; 2009: Europa Show Of Champions Figure 16th Class, 2nd Teen
Judge’s Comments “Danielle has very pretty lines. She needs to improve her conditioning at the next level. She will also need to mature with her stage presence and presentation.”



LINDY WAID – 2nd Class A
Age 33
Weight 112
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Adela Garcia Classic 1st Class; Branch Warren Classic 1st Class; USA Championships 3rd Class A
Judge’s Comments “Lindy has a nice look. She needs to bring up her arms and a her back for a better v-taper, which will help improve her symmetry.”




Age 30
Height 5’3
Weight 126-130
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Dayana Cadeau Classic 1st Class and Overall; 2011: CJ Classic Figure 1st Class; All South Championships Figure 2nd Class; Nationals Figure DNP: CJ Classic Figure 1st Class; Arnold Amateur Figure 10th Class; 2010: North Americans Figure DNP; Nationals Figure DNP; Southern Stages Figure 6th Class; 2008: Ruby Diamond Championships Figure 1st Class and Overall; Southern States Figure 8th Class; 2006: Gulf Coast Championships Figure 3rd Class
Judge’s Comments “Nice muscularity. She will need to work in bringing down her waist to accentuate her shape and complete her look.”



Age 32
Height 5’3
Weight 120
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Fox Cities Championships 1st Class A and Overall; Junior Nationals 3rd Class B; 2011: Junior Nationals 9th Class A
Judge’s Comments “Audrey has very nice lines. She needs to add some muscle while maintaining that feminine quality she has. Needs to present her physique better and work on hitting the mandatory poses.”



ALISA ALDAY – 2nd Class D
Age 35
Weight 147
Contest History/Highlights 2012: Junior USA 10th Tall Class; Elite Muscle Classic 1st Tall Class; 2011: Steel World Figure 1st Tall Class, 1st Masters Over 30; Nationals 11th Tall Class; 2009: Southern Classic Figure 1st Tall Class and Overall; 2010: Atlantic USA Bikini 3rd Tall Class; Steel World Figure 1st Tall Class and Overall, 1st Masters Over 30; 2007: Steel World Figure 2nd Tall Class; 2006: Steel World Figure 3rd Tall Class; 2005: Battle of Biloxi Figure 4th Tall Class; 2002: Body Tech Classic Figure 3rd Tall Class
Judge’s Comments “Alisa needs to improve on conditioning. As far as muscularity, she looks like she is there but it’s hard to tell because of her conditioning.”



Judge’s Comments “Jaimie has a nice look, good conditioning. She doesn’t need to come in any harder. Needs more density and width in her back.”





ASHA HADLEY – Class D Winner
Judge’s Comments Good shape and structure. Asha doesn’t need to add any more muscle, she’s right on the border now. Good from the back. Needs to come in tighter – especially in the lower half – and work on her presentation”