IFBB Professional League President Jim Manion Sets the Record Straight on Olympia Rumors

IFBB Professional League President Jim Manion Sets the Record Straight on Olympia Rumors


The bodybuilding rumor mill is always a source of entertainment for the social media crowd. Stories surface everyday giving bloggers plenty to talk about as they attempt to gain clicks and views.  In the last few days rumors started to gain momentum about the IFBB Professional League and its long-standing relationship with Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend.  NPCNEWSONLINE caught up with IFBB Professional League President Jim Manion to set the record straight on some of the stories.

NPCNEWS:   Jim, is there any truth to a recent rumor about the IFBB Professional League’s commitment to the Olympia?

MANION:  The Olympia will always be the most prestigious and most important event in our sport. It’s the super bowl of bodybuilding and there are no plans to change that.  There is no title that means more than the Olympia and we are always working to expand the Olympia in every way possible.


NPCNEWS:  We’ve heard stories speculating about the IFBB Professional League’s relationship with AMI, the company that owns the Olympia. Any truth to those rumors?

MANION:  Absolutely no truth whatsoever.  Our relationship with AMI is stronger than its ever been and I’ve been extremely impressed by the way this year’s Olympia plans are coming together. The 2019 Olympia Weekend will be big.  New events, great sponsorships, big prize money, and plans are already in full force for the 2020 Olympia and beyond.


NPCNEWS:  But what about stories that another event is in the works that could challenge the Olympia’s status as the #1 event in the world.  Any truth to that?

MANION:  Let’s be clear about one thing.  The IFBB Professional League is growing fast and we never stop working to create opportunities for our athletes. We are always working to bring new promoters and more fans into the sport in order to keep up with our growth. The arrival of any new contest has no impact on the Olympia’s status as the world’s premier event.  The Olympia is and will continue to be our most prestigious event and most coveted title.  It’s been that way for 55 years and it will remain that way.


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