Hope Davis


Contest history/highlights 2012: Pittsburgh Championships 1st Class B and Overall; Eastern Seaboards 1st Class B and Overall; Jr. USAs 1st Class C

BLAST OFF “I was in every sport when I was young. I loved being active and trying new sports. I was on a competitive cheer team, tap, jazz, ballet, dance, figure skating, dirt bikes, mini dragsters, gymnastics and track – hurdles the 100-meter dash. I had a blast in every sport I was in!”

MOM KNOWS BEST “Thanks to my wonderful mom for introducing me into figure competitions! I remember being so happy on stage and showing everyone what my coaches and I created with my physique.”

BEYOND LIMITS “I love the goals that you have to make and meet that comes with competing! Mentally it makes me feel good to know that I have to “work hard” to meet goals. I am competitive, but only with myself. I always am pushing my body beyond its limits.”

UNIQUE MODELS “I admire all competitors in the sport. We all work hard for the physique that we want. It’s such an inspiration in this sport because it gives everybody a chance to be unique and see what their genetics can produce.”

BE THE BEST “My goal is to go to the Olympia in the next year to make a name for myself. In life, if you want to be the best you have to compete with the best!”