Bikini Beach Bodies: Las Vegas Neon Graveyard 2014 Allison Frahn

Photos © J.M. Manion –
Light Disk Assistant: “Hollywood” Jeff Binns
Behind The Scenes Photo Assistant: Amir Marandi
Wardrobe & Art Direction: Debbie Amelio-Manion

I had wanted to shoot at this Las Vegas location for years & after 3 days waiting for approval & paying thr fee to secure 2-1/2 hours here, it was finally time to do a photo shoot at the “Neon Graveyard”, a/k/a The Neon Museum. I was scheduled to be in the new Boneyard North Gallery & was extremely excited to shoot with 2014 IFBB Figure Olympian’s Candice Keene & Allison L. Frahn. Unlike the Ghost Town which has no time limit, we were ‘on the clock’ the moment we arrived. There was no leeway & no extra minutes added for the models to change clothing. My wife Debbie helped Candice & Allison changing outfits & keeping them moving. Inside my Assistant Crew that helped me Behind The Scenes, again “Hollywood” Jeff Binns on Light Disk duty & Amir Marandi doing Behind The Scenes photos, were ready to go the entire time. We barely stopped to get in a few drinks of water because we didn’t have time. Allison & Candice kept the pace up for the entire 2-1/2 hours. Our Neon Museum guide was keeping us on track by calling out every half hour how much time we had left. I asked him to let me know when we had 10 minutes remaining so we could do some group photos that he was cool enough to shoot for us.

For this photo shoot I didn’t use strobe lights or a flash on top of the camera. All of the reflective light was done with a 6 foot double sided silver/gold reflector. I use that because I personally feel it creates a more natural look than using strobe lights. To me the reflector is the ‘key’ to these photos. Note that ALL of the photos of Candice & Allison are UNEDITED, NO PHOTOSHOP, NO ANYTHING but putting my watermark on them. All the work was done “In Camera”. I pride myself on that!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Candice, Allison, Debbie, Amir & Jeff for the work we did on this day! It was an EPIC way to finish off my 2014 Olympia trip!

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