Arnold’s Sports Festival: Class of 2016 International Sports Hall of Fame

The International Sports Hall of Fame (, Founded by Dr.Bob Goldman and  co-hosted annually with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, has become the premiere Sports Hall of Fame globally. Held  during the Arnold’s Sports Festival, showcasing more than 18,000 competing athletes, in 45+ sports and over 175,000 attendees, this 2016 Class will blow people away yet again.

The Class of 2016 is comprised of:
Johnny Bench-Baseball Hall of Famer
Ronnie Coleman-8 Time Mr Olympia
Dolph Lundgren-Movie star & Euro Karate Champion
Royce Gracie-1st UFC World Champion
AnnMaria DeMars-1st American Judo World Champion
Kurt Angle-Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler
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Dr Bob

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