Amy Allen


She didn’t move to Temecula, California to train with one of the best in the business. It just worked out that way for Amy Allen.

But when the mother of two relocated to the west coast for professional reasons and found herself slowly slipping out of shape, a simple internet search brought her to Kim Oddo’s doorstep.

“I got consumed prepping everyone at my old job for me to leave and prepping everybody [in Temecula] for me to take over,” says Allen, who works as an Education Program Director and college professor. “So I went from working out seven days a week to nothing. I had always been an athlete, so I wanted somebody who was gonna push me like a coach.”

Soon after that, the changes to her physique convinced Allen she was ready to take it to the next level – NPC Bikini competition.

“I started with Kim towards the end of June, then ended up stepping on stage in October,” Allen says. “I didn’t go to him thinking I would compete, but once I got to that point I decided ‘Let’s try this’.”

Allen’s placings have run the full spectrum so far, from winning her class at her first contest to placing out of the top 10 at last year’s Nationals to – most recently – winning her class and the Overall at the Amateur Grand Prix on April 14.

In all, Allen has competed a total of 5 times in less than a year, with no signs of slowing down.

“I’m hooked,” she says.

AGE: 35
Temecula, CA

CONTEST HISTORY: 2011: Titan 1st Class E; Sacramento Championships 5th Class E; Miami Nationals 12th Class E, Governor’s Cup 4th Class E; 2012: Grand Prix 1st Class E and Overall

ATHLETIC BACKGROUND: “I played softball, ran track, was a cheerleader and played basketball. I always ways did something sports oriented.

OCCUPATION: Education Program Director and College Professor.

PHYSIQUE ROLE MODELS/INFLUENCES: Amanda Latona and Dianna Dahlgren

PIECE OF EQUIPMENT MY GYM MUST HAVE: “At this point, because of the type of training, it would be a stepmill. Cardio is such a huge thing for me and it seems to be the one that kicks your butt the most.”

FAVORITE MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: “I always joke around and say the whole Nike thing, ‘Just Do It.’”

WHAT’S NEXT: Junior Nationals on June 15-16 or USAs on July 27-28