NPC Photo Submissions


Promoters and/or photographers/videographers of NPC and NPC Worldwide contests, please contact NPC News Online through J.M. Manion and webmaster Adam Jensen at and the week before your competition so that we know to expect your content for the website. Photographers, if you have questions, please feel free to contact J.M. Manion at (412) 260-8863 or

If the contest you were the photographer for used the MuscleWare scoring software, the scorecards will be automatically submitted.

If the contest DID NOT use MuscleWare, please provide a full copy of the final results from the show that includes competitor names, numbers and placings. Overall winners must be indicated or the contest will not be published until that information is provided. Preferably in Excel or Word in addition to a PDF format from the Excel or Word file to potentially post online and must be submitted with the photos and/or videos. Scores should never be hand written and submitted.

Please send all content to NPC News Online via Dropbox. Please provide a new folder and invite for each show. Please name the folder with the year and full name of the show. e.g. 2021 NPC Pennsylvania State Championships. All old contest folders from 2019 and older will be deleted!  If you add a show to a previously existing Dropbox folder, it can make it difficult to know when the photos have been added. You will have to tell us specifically what folder it is in again as we have so many of them at all times. Do Not Send via WeTransfer, SmugMug, Google Drive or any other program. Be sure to send the Dropbox invites to these 2 e-mail’s, and (*For International contests we will accept WeTransfer if Internet access is limited.)

All photos and videos from a NPC and NPC Worldwide contest or IFBB Pro League Pro Qualifier must be received no later than the Tuesday after the contest to be published that week. If it is not received by then, there is no timetable when it will be published. We will do our best to get contests up on the website as quickly as possible.  Also all photos must be sent at the same time. As an example, do not send individual photos one day and comparisons and/or overall photos on a different day.

To Be Clear, we expect to receive A MINIMUM OF 5 PHOTO’S of EVERY Competitor’s Individual Stage Posing either from Prejudging or Finals. Stage photos of the individual posing rounds should be shot vertically and sized to be 900p tall and 600p wide, at 72 ppi. If an athlete is doing a wide pose that requires a wide shot, that is fine to shoot that pose horizontally.  Shoot as many individual photos as possible of every competitor during their individual presentation either from Prejudging or Finals and submit ALL of them.  Don’t limit the number of photos you take.  Be sure that all competitors’ numbers can clearly be seen in the front photos. Note we don’t correct for color and exposure, the photos go up as is. So please be sure the photos aren’t too dark.

Overall comparisons and most trophy presentations in each class or overall awards presentations photos should be in horizontal mode and they need to be cropped to the appropriate size of 600p tall and 900p wide at 72 ppi.

Please break pictures into folders, sorted by division, e.g. Bikini, Figure, Classic Physique. They do not need to be broken down by class, but it is O.K. if you do. Please do not break folders down by competitor.

Stage photos provided should all be from the individual posing rounds, overall posedowns/comparisons  and class and overall award presentations. Please do not include individual pictures taken from the comparison rounds. The competitors should not have somebody else’s knees and elbows in their pictures. Feel free to take whatever photos of the competitors you want, but please do not submit these images.


If the competitors are in multiple classes in the same division (novice, open, masters, etc.), we only need one set of stage photos per person. If they are in multiple divisions (bodybuilding, classic physique, etc.), we still need pictures from each division. Please keep the individual routines for each class together. Most shows will only have competitors do individual posing routines once per division. We do not need copies of those same photos for any additional classes.

If you are putting your own watermark on the image, it should be in the bottom right hand corner, as the NPC News Online logo will be on the bottom left, and will reach about half into the 900×600 image. If you are not putting your own watermark on, please let us know how to credit you.

We encourage the submission of videos. Videos must either be in the MP4 or MOV format. If you would like to put the NPCNEWSONLINE bumper on your videos please e-mail us and we will provide you with the bumper. All videos should be labeled and put in a Dropbox folder (same as photos).  For example:

We will accept interview, expo and backstage video. Any video that includes profanity will not be put up on the site. All videos files sent to us will go through the NPCNEWSONLINE You Tube channel.