IFBB Pro Photo Submissions


Promoters and/or photographers/videographers of IFBB Professional League contests, please contact NPC News Online through J.M. Manion and webmaster Adam Jensen at jmmanion@npcnewsonline.com and adamjensen@mac.com the week before your competition so that we know to expect your content for the website. Photographers, if you have questions, please feel free to contact J.M. Manion at (412) 260-8863 or jmmanion@npcnewsonline.com

Shoot as many individual and comparison photos as possible of every competitor during their individual presentation either from Prejudging or Finals.  Do Not limit the number of photos you take.  Be sure that all competitors’ numbers can clearly be seen in the front photos.

From the Finals we are looking for the confirmation of scoring round, awards photos of the top 5 together and if they also have a sponsor and/or promoter giving them out and then some photos of the Overall winner by their self.

Different from the NPC / NPC Worldwide contests, the IFBB Pro Prejudging individual and comparison photos must be uploaded right after you’ve completed all the Prejudging. The IFBB Pro Finals photos must be uploaded once the IFBB Pro competition is completed that night. If it is a multi-day contest, send uploads each day and night, Do Not wait until the entire contest is finished.

You should also have your laptop with you and the promoter should either provide you with that venue’s Internet connection or use your own device like a Mi-Fi or Jetpack to get the IFBB Pro photos uploaded to us immediately.

Please upload via Dropbox Only.  Please provide a new folder and invite for each show. If you add a show to a previously existing Dropbox folder, it can make it difficult to know when the photos have been added. Be sure to send the Dropbox invites to these 2 e-mail’s, adamjensen@mac.com and jmmnpc@aol.com (*For International contests we will accept WeTransfer if Internet access is limited.)

Please name the folder with the year and full name of the show. e.g. 2021 IFBB Tampa Pro. We will also need a current competitors list sent as well. Please ask the IFBB Professional League head judge for these and you can take a photo of each list and upload that too.

Note we don’t correct for color and exposure, the photos go up as is.  So please be sure the photos aren’t too dark.

Due to the immediacy of receiving the photos, you will not be able to affix your own watermark. If you have a watermark, please send it over via Dropbox or please let us know how to credit you on the photos.

We encourage the submission of videos. Videos must either be in the MP4 or MOV format. If you would like to put the NPCNEWSONLINE bumper on your videos, please e-mail us and we will provide you with the bumper. All videos should be labeled and put in a Dropbox folder (same as photos). For example: Bikinioverallwinnersarahsmith.mov

We will accept interview, expo and backstage video. Any video that includes profanity will not be put up on the site. All videos files sent to us will go through the NPCNEWSONLINE YouTube channel.