4 Bikini Olympia Champions Contest Gallery: Isa Pecini, Angelica Teixiera, Courtney King & Ashley Kaltwasser.

The IFBB Professional League Bikini Division is highly competitive. The level of competition gets better every year. These are the last  four bikini competitors who have taken the coveted Bikini Olympia title. Take a look at their contest galleries from their Olympia championships as well as their contest history. We can’t wait until this year’s Olympia. 

2019 Bikini Olympia Champion Isa Pecini 
YEARS  LATEST 2019 2018 2017


2018/2017 Bikini Olympia Champion Angelica Teixeira 

2016 Bikini Olympia Champion COURTNEY KING 


2015/2014/2013 Bikini Olympia Champion Ashley Kaltwasser