2019 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Women’s Figure Prejudging Video


2019 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Contest Photos

The 2021 #IFBBPittsburghPro Figure Championships is back! Huge Thank You To Our Exclusive Platinum Sponsor @teamatlasmtl
The last 2 champions were from Mexico with the reigning 2019 Champion being @natalia.soltero_ifbbpro and actually the 2nd and 3rd place finishers in 2019 were from Mexico as well!
The questions on everyone’s minds are;
-Will Natalia return to defend her title after taking 2nd place in the 2020 #IFBBFigureOlympia?
-Will 2018 Overall winner @sandragrajales_ifbbpro return to try to reclaimed this title as she was 2nd in 2019?
-There have been a lot of #IFBBProFigure competitors make their pro debuts in this contest so could one of them or someone else step up and win this contest and put themselves in immediate contention for the 2021 #IFBBFigureOlympia?
There’s only one way to find out and that is to be there!
2021 @npcifbbpropittsburgh on April 30-May 1 promoted by NPC and @ifbb_pro_league President Jim Manion. 2021 #IFBBPittsburghPro Figure Championships Exclusive Platinum Sponsor @teamatlasmtl
More information will be available at both garyudit.com and npcnewsonline.com
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